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Remote Support

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KC Computers offers a powerful tool to help keep your IT technology - and, in turn, your business - up and running: Remote Support.

Our remote support option is conveniently located at the top of every page.

Remote Support Features

Using our powerful web-based remote control software, we can:
  • Offer on-demand, anywhere-to-anywhere support of PCs, Macs and smartphones
  • Access your computer in approximately 20 seconds or less, without pre-installing software
  • Perform ultra-fast Remote Control with patent-pending, point-to-point technology

Remote Support - Technician View
Technician view of your PC

  • Choose from one of three ways to connect to our technicians: PIN code, email, or support links incorporated into our web site
  • Conduct up to 10 concurrent remote sessions with a tabbed console interface that lets us toggle easily between sessions
  • Drag and drop multiple files and folders to your computers for easy software/driver installation
  • Gain snapshot view of system information such as processes, services, and applications
  • Reboot and reconnect to end user systems, even if these systems are unattended, for seamless support sessions
  • Connect to systems even while in "safe mode"
  • Easily open the Windows Task Manager on any remote system
  • Chat with your users

Remote Support - Chat Window
Convenient chat window for phone-less support

  • Push specific web pages to your user desktops
  • Enhance communications with the White Board and Laser Pointer features
  • Copy & paste relevant system information quickly into a two-way clipboard for capturing your PC specifics while troubleshooting
  • Input Notes for retrieval during future sessions, and view History and Notes captured from previous support sessions